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Offer GPS tracking products & services in 200+ countries. One SIM & One Low Monthly Price!

Connected device technologies are booming! Any GPS tracking related product, or anything involving IoT or M2M, are some of the hottest products on the market. Are you the owner of an established business in an adjacent industry? Or, perhaps you are beginning a new business venture? In either case, if you are motivated to become part of the action, we would love to speak with you!

Historically, selling GPS tracking products and services globally has presented a unique set of logistical challenges that have been difficult to overcome. Often times, a different SIM card was required for each individual country. Among some other things, there were roaming charges to consider, assets traveling outside of network coverage, and more.

Through our proprietary global “One SIM” technology, we have conquered all of these challenges! Now you can confidently sell cutting-edge GPS tracking products and services in over 200 countries, with no roaming fees and no out of network issues, all for one low monthly price! Take advantage of a great business opportunity! Contact us today and become part of our global network of authorized GPS tracking dealer distributors.

The IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System

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Global GPS Tracking

One SIM Seamless Global Connectivity

Unprecedented “One SIM” Wireless Coverage in 200+ Countries!

Experience none of the logistical challenges typically associated with offering global GPS tracking service. Utilize “One SIM” in over 200 countries, with the best coverage possible, for one unbelievably low price, and absolutely no roaming charges! This is simply unprecedented!

Incredible Dual Revenue Business Model

Incredible Dual-Revenue Stream Business Opportunity!

Offer only the highest quality GPS tracking products and services to your clients. Gain access to a complete portfolio of cutting-edge
devices and state-of-the-art tracking software. Experience the profit-potential of a true dual-revenue stream business model!

White Label Branded GPS Tracking System

Fully Hosted White-Label Branded GPS Tracking Solution!

Build and promote your own brand with a fully hosted white-labeled GPS tracking solution. We handle device provisioning and scripting,
and all of the other behind the scenes tasks for you. Use your own domain name by simply pointing to our servers!

Become an Authorized Dealer Today!

  • 100% white-label branded GPS tracking solution

  • Incredible dual-revenue stream business model

  • Unprecedented coverage in over “200 countries

  • Industry-leading GPS Partners Distributor Program

  • Branded GPS Tracking Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

  • Extensive portfolio of GPS and satellite based devices

  • Total sales and marketing support & collaboration

  • On-going training and end-to-end tech support

  • Continual & fluid product innovations

  • REST API for custom development of add-on features

  • Experience in manufacturing and large-scale projects

  • Receive coaching tips, strategies, insights, and expertise

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Our partners

EasyTracGPS has formed strategic alliances with industry-leading wireless carriers, satellite imagery providers, and equipment manufacturers. Meet some
of the partners who are vital in delivering
our GPS tracking applications to a diverse global client-base.

Meet our partners

AT&T 3G & LTE Wireless Connectivity              Verizon LTE Wireless Connectivity                 Global LEO Satellite-Based Coverage             Rogers Canada Wireless Connectivity              Everything Everywhere Wireless Connectivity

Google Digital GPS Mapping              Vodafone Wireless Connectivity                 Telefonica Wireless Connectivity             Digicel Wireless Connectivity              Claro Wireless Connectivity


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