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Standard GPS asset monitoring relies on a combination of technologies, working in tandem, to provide the valuable information necessary to impact the decision-making process. Satellites in geosynchronous orbit communicate with GPS receivers to make instant calculations about location, speed, distance, and other position-related data and activity. This raw data is transmitted over wireless networks, translated, and then made available to the end-user in a usable format. From maritime and cargo shipping, to rail and intermodal, and offshore oil platforms, what is the alternative when a wireless connection is absent or otherwise unavailable?

The Geo-TraxSAT is a cutting-edge satellite monitoring device, designed to track assets and equipment in cellular-denied environments. Deployed upon the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit satellite network, the Geo-TraxSAT can be configured to monitor both powered or non-powered assets and machinery, with deeper control functions made possible through advanced remote telemetry capabilities. The eye in the sky is EasyTracGPS. “This is the art of GPS tracking.”

The IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System


The Geo-TraxSAT+ Asset Tracking Device



Activation Fee: $35.00

The Geo-TraxSAT+ is a cutting edge device that monitors frac tanks, offshore oil rigs, shipping vessels and containers, pipelines, meters, and other remote assets. Satellite tracking in cellular-denied environments. Available in battery-powered and wired versions.

  • 100% cloud-based…no software to install. Ideal for discreet asset tracking & monitoring in cellular-denied environments.

  • Standard Messaging: Wake, GPS locate, transmit location, resume sleep. Up to 12 programmable sleep time-of-wake settings.

  • “Asset-Ready” Design: Allows for easy installation and field management without the need for antennas or external power.

  • Automatic Alerts: Change of location sensing sends alerts if asset moves outside of pre-determined range (many other alerts as well).

  • Alternative Reporting: Configurable for alternate supervisory reporting schedule triggered by alarm or motion.

  • Quick Installation: Use industrial adhesives, brackets or screw mounts for installation.

  • Dimensions: 2.7 IN (H) x 3.25 IN (W) x 1 IN (D) (with brackets)

  • 3.6oz/102g (with 4 batteries and mounting hardware)

  • Battery Type: (4) AAA 1.5v lithium Provides 1.5+ years of battery life removes the need to purchase expensive proprietary batteries for replacement.

  • Satellite Tech: Global LEO Satellite operation using the Globalstar Simplex Data Network

  • Line power: 8-22v DC with regulator cable

  • Operating Temp: -30° to +60° C NOTE: The unit shall remain operational over the -40° to +85°C range, though may experience battery life and RF signal degradation.

  • Motion Sensing: Built-in 3-axis precision accelerometer.

Flexible Monthly Satellite-Based Asset Monitoring Plans! No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments!

  • 100 Messages: $16.95/Mo.

  • 200 Messages: $19.95/Mo.

  • Unlimited 5 Minute Tracking Updates: $29.95/Mo. **Best Seller**

**Monthly monitoring plan must be chosen and billed when device is activated. Upon activation, charges will be pro-rated for the current month.**

  • Geo-TraxSAT satellite-based asset monitoring device

  • Parts included:
    (4) Lithium AA batteries
    Mounting bracket
    Mounting bracket screws

Coverage Map

LEO Satellite Tracking Coverage Map
Complete Control Complete Control

Leverage our best-of-breed satellite monitoring. Monitor assets & equipment in cellular-denied environments.

Flexible & Adaptable Flexible & Adaptable

Wired or wireless device options. Perfect for both powered and non-powered assets, equipment, and machinery.

Manage Mixed Assets Manage Mixed Assets

Satellite monitoring of diverse mixed assets, equipment, and fleet vehicles in one seamless platform.

Advanced Features Advanced Features

Monitor movement, location change, temperature, run-time, and more. Advanced M2M capabilities.

Our partners

EasyTracGPS has formed strategic alliances with industry-leading wireless carriers, satellite imagery providers, and device manufacturers. Meet just a few of the partners who are instrumental in delivering our GPS tracking products to a diverse global client-base.

Meet our partners

AT&T 3G & LTE Wireless Connectivity              Verizon LTE Wireless Connectivity                 Global LEO Satellite-Based Coverage             Rogers Canada Wireless Connectivity              Everything Everywhere Wireless Connectivity

Google Digital GPS Mapping              Vodafone Wireless Connectivity                 Telefonica Wireless Connectivity             Digicel Wireless Connectivity              Claro Wireless Connectivity


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