So, you are most-likely here because you have some sort of fleet-related problem or issue that GPS tracking can help with. Perhaps things have finally come to a head at your company, and it is time to decide on a solutions provider. You are sure to have questions.

We offer various fleet tracking devices, which can be uniquely programmed to transmit vast amounts of data. This typically occurs once every 60 seconds. That raw data is translated, and made available to clients through our cloud-based IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System. Our base monthly service includes unlimited 60 second fleet tracking updates, report, alerts, and all other features, functions, and benefits. Cost for the service is only $14.95/mo per vehicle.

There’s a bit more to it than that. And, of course, it is best if we can also speak with you briefly. This will help us gain a better understanding of what it is you would like to accomplish. If you direct your attention below, you can either download a brochure, shop for devices, or chat with us.

The Geo-TraxPRO GPS Fleet Tracking Device. Garmin Integration.Our Geo-Trax products consist of an in-vehicle GPS fleet tracking device, transmitting valuable fleet-related data in real-time, through existing wireless carrier networks. Our back-end servers receive this data, translate it into an easily readable format for our clients, and then relay it to our IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System. Cutting-Edge GPS fleet tracking. Global coverage! Track fleet vehicles, monitor remote assets, and safeguard mobile workforce in one seamleass platform. for viewing by the end-user. All of this happens in a matter of seconds.

The IntelliMatics™ System is 100% cloud-based, with no software to install whatsoever. The only requirement for access is an Internet-connected PC, or iOS or Android device. The online platform is also completely customizable, based on user-defined preferences. The system provides a full-range of advanced features and capabilities. PTO monitoring is available, Garmin device integration, starter enable/disable, door lock/unlock, manual pinging of devices and more, are all available to clients.

Though they may share common traits and similarities in their operations, no two businesses are an exact clone of their counterparts. The same applies to commercial fleet operators. What is critical to one business might not necessarily be important to the next. The IntelliMatics™ System “Reports Engine” is fully adaptable to each clients’ individual needs. Report column selections can be added and subtracted, and color-coded based on event-specific indicators. And all at the point and click of a mouse. Some examples are:

  • Excessive idle events

  • Excessive acceleration events

  • Excessive RPM events

  • Impact events

  • Jamming detected events

  • Diagnostic data events

High-quality, actionable intelligence is invaluable to any business operation. That said, the speed at which this intelligence is delivered has a significant impact on just how valuable it might be. What possible advantage could outdated information offer to your vehicle fleet? Probably not much of one. Our “Alerts Engine” is a close sister to our reports engine. The IntelliMatics™ System is designed to proactively send real-time SMS and/or email alerts in the event of pre-determined “violations”, or questionable activity. Some examples are:

  • Ignition On/Off

  • Enter/Exit Perimeter

  • Excessive Idle

  • Excessive Acceleration

  • Begin Speed Violation

  • Excessive RPM

IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System Mobile AppYour fleet is part of an increasingly mobile world. Vehicles come and go, products are acquired and distributed, goods and services delivered.

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles can also be a mobile undertaking. Meaning that occasionally, fleet operators might need to be in the field.

Our GPS fleet tracking mobile apps are offered as a complimentary, value-added service to our clients.

Realize the full power of the IntelliMatics™ System GPS Fleet Tracking through the IntelliMatics™ System Mobile App. when on the road, from the convenience of any Internet-connected iOS or Android device.

The IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System

You have questions about fleet tracking technology, right?

For govt and commercial fleets, find low prices, great devices & 5-star support. No Contracts!


Complete Control of Fleet Vehicles Complete Control

Leverage our best-of-breed IntelliMatics™ GPS fleet tracking and gain complete control over your commercial vehicle fleet. Streamline costs and drive profits!

Complete Control of Fleet Vehicles Fuel Management

Our state-of-the-art fuel management tools greatly impact fleet activity and deliver tangible financial results. Reduce idle time, aggressive driving, and more. Keep more of your hard-earned profits!

Total Fleet Visibility and Transparency Total Visibility

Drive real-time visibility into vehicle utilization. Manage a fleet-wide speed policy, excessive idling, ETA’s, mileage, starts/stops, and more.

Preventative Fleet Maintenance Fleet Maintenance

Proactive fleet maintenance. Improve the fuel efficiency, performance, and extend the average service life of fleet vehicles. Significantly reduce maintenance costs, and boost profit-margins.

GPS tracking in over 200 countries from only $14.95 per month!One SIMwireless coverage.

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EasyTracGPS has formed strategic alliances with industry-leading wireless carriers, satellite imagery providers, and equipment manufacturers. Meet some
of the partners who are instrumental in delivering our fleet tracking devices to
a diverse global client-base.

Meet our partners

AT&T 3G & LTE Wireless Connectivity              Verizon LTE Wireless Connectivity                 Global LEO Satellite-Based Coverage             Rogers Canada Wireless Connectivity              Everything Everywhere Wireless Connectivity

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