The landscape is not trending towards change, change has already arrived. Mobile GPS tracking applications and wireless connectivity have become intertwined in the very fabric of global society. GPS tracking has become a critical component in government actions, public and private fleet strategies, law enforcement tactics, mobile workforce management, private investigations, personal protection and security, and offender monitoring programs.

Serving a diverse global client-base, the IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System is uniquely designed and adaptable to virtually any tracking environment. Robust and fully customizable, IntelliMatics™ users can configure the system to suit their own individual needs. An à la carte menu of available streamed data allows EasyTracGPS clients to tailor-make the reports and alerts engines.

Users can create their own sub-accounts, can manually ping wireless devices, change tracking intervals over-the-air, and can personally modify passwords. All of this flexibility, and more, is at the fingertips of our clients. The eye in the sky is EasyTracGPS. “This is the art of GPS tracking.”

The IntelliMatics™ GPS Tracking System

There’s GPS tracking, and then there’s GPS TRACKING

Our technology is expertly delivered with flexibility and precision. The ultimate tracking experience.


Complete Control of Fleet Vehicles Complete Control

Leverage our best-of-breed IntelliMatics™ GPS fleet tracking and gain complete control over your commercial vehicle fleet. Streamline costs and drive profits!

Manage Mixed Equipment Manage Mixed Equipment

Manage diverse mixed assets, equipment, and machinery in one seamless GPS asset tracking platform. Flexible, agile, and user-friendly tracking experience!

Total Visibility Total Visibility

Gain “live” visibility through wireless GPS tracking. Robust alerting and reporting engine automates covert vehicle surveillance. Pinpoint accuracy!

Mobile Connectivity Mobile Connectivity

Our GPS vehicle tracking mobile apps
are offered as a complimentary, value-added service to our clients. The convenience of mobile connectivity.

Our partners

EasyTracGPS has formed strategic alliances with industry-leading wireless carriers, satellite imagery providers, and equipment manufacturers. Meet some of the partners who are vital in delivering our GPS tracking applications to a diverse global client-base.

Meet our partners

AT&T 3G Wireless Connectivity              T-Mobile Wireless Connectivity                 Sprint CDMA Wireless Connectivity             Rogers Canada Wireless Connectivity              Everything Everywhere Wireless Connectivity

Garmin Device Integration              Google Digital GPS Mapping                 Yahoo Bing Digital GPS Mapping             Telefonica Wireless Connectivity              Global Satellite Based Connectivity


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